“90% of millionaires become so through owning real estate” - Andrew Carnegie


In many cases, real estate investment remains the quickest and safest way to build wealth and cash flow.

There are a multitude of options which allow for you to make a profit, starting with your initial capital investment.  When working with Johnny, he will make sure to understand your goals and guide you through the steps to achieve what you want.  Whether you want to buy and hold, make a short term investment, flip a property, or perhaps become a landlord, we will help you make it happen!






For Investors

Buying a piece of Real Estate as an investment isn’t just for real estate moguls.

Anyone can be a landlord today. From small-scale investors and foreign buyers looking to park their money somewhere safe to the everyday person weary about stocks and investments but looking for a decent return — are entering the Toronto Real Estate market in increasing numbers. “Real estate is an investment for your children or grandchildren’s future" Johnny adds.


Items to discuss with Johnny Nunno:

  1. How much are you willing to invest?
  2. Work through “The Numbers”.
  3. Understanding your time frame.
  4. What type of dwelling to consider?
  5. Tax Incentives.
  6. Legal Implications.



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